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Electrical Problem Clues

We have probably all experienced the moment when we turn on too many high-current devices, such as microwaves or coffee makers, and the power drops out. When we overload a circuit a breaker is designed to trip and turn off the power to the offending circuit branch. This helps prevent circuits from overheating and potentially causing a fire.

Even though these events happen, it’s important that we do not ignore them. If a breaker is failing repeatedly this is a clue that something is not right. An infographic of an electrical breaker panel with guidance. Recognize that a breaker repeatedly tripping evidence of a problem. If on campus contact Facilities Services. If at home consult an electrician.

What can you do?

  • Understand that breakers panels help protect buildings from overcurrents (too much current).
  • A breaker should not be reset if you do not know why it has failed. If a breaker is repeatedly tripping, assume something is wrong and get assistance.
  • If on campus seek assistance from Facilities Services.

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