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Job Hazard Analyses

For additional information please contact the General Safety Group at EHS.

Air Compressor, Portable, ElectricJHA-Air Compressor
Air SprayerAir Sprayer-JHA
ATV 4 WheelerATV 4 Wheeler-JHA
Auger (Post Hole), Gasoline PoweredAuger (Post Hole), Gasoline Powered-JHA
Band SawBandsaw-JHA
Battery ChargerBattery Charger-JHA
Belt SanderBelt sander-JHA
Bench GrinderBench Grinder -JHA
Bodily Fluid Clean UpBodily Fluid clean up-JHA
Brush Mower Trimmer, Gasoline PoweredBrush Mower Trimmer, Gasoline Powered-JHA
Buffer FloorBuffer Floor-JHA
Chain HoistChain Hoist-JHA
Chemical PouringChemical Pouring-JHA
Circular SawCircular Saws-JHA
Cleaning (Sweeping, Mopping, Buffing)Cleaning (Sweeping Mopping Buffing)-JHA
Compound Miter SawCompound Miter Saw-JHA
Cutoff SawCutoff Saw-JHA
Drill Bit SharpenerDrill Bit Sharpener-JHA
Drill PressDrillpress-JHA
Dust CollectorDust Collector-JHA
Engine StandEngine Stand - Manual-JHA
Fuel PumpFuelpump-JHA
Hand-held Power ToolsHand-Held Power Tools-JHA
Heat GunHeat Gun-JHA
Acetylene Hot WorkHot work 1 Acetylene-JHA
Arc Welder Hot WorkHot Work 2 Arc Welder-JHA
Hot WorkHot Work 3-JHA
Torch Hot WorkHot Work 4 LP Torch-JHA
Propane Torch Hot WorkHot Work 5 Propane Torch-JHA
Arc Welder Portable Gas Hot WorkHot Work 6 Arc Welder Portable Gas-JHA
Wire Feed Welder Hot WorkHot Work 7 Wirefeed Welder-JHA
Hydraulic PressHydraulic Press-JHA
Ice ChippingIcechipping-JHA
Jack Stand Jackstands-JHA
Joint PlanerJointer Planer-JHA
Lab Safety-BasicsLab Safety - BASIC-JHA
Lawnmower, TrimmerLawnmover, Trimmer-JHA
Lofts, RoofsLofts, roofs-JHA
Miter SawMiter Saw-JHA
Nail gun-Framing Nailgun - Framing-JHA
Office WorkOffice Work-JHA
Paint condition-Shaker Paint Condition-Shaker-JHA
Paint StripperPaint Stripper-JHA
Pallet Jack HydraulicPallet Jack Hydraulic-JHA
Paper ShearPaper Shear-JHA
Paper ShredderPaper Shredder-JHA
Parts CleanerParts Cleaner-JHA
Pipe ThreaderPipe Threader-JHA
Plate CompactorPlate Compactor-JHA
Pneumatic Nail GunPneumatic Nail Gun-JHA
Portable Generator GasPortable Generator Gas-JHA
Portable Heater ElectricPortable Heater Electric-JHA
Portable Heater GasPortable Heater Gas-JHA
Power HacksawPower Hacksaw-JHA
Pressurized Coolant TesterPresurized Coolant Tester-JHA
Radial Arm SawRadial Arm Saw-JHA
Sewer SnakeSewer Snake-JHA
Shop VacShop Vac-JHA
Snow ShovelingSnow Shoveling-JHA
Snowblower GasSnowblower Gas-JHA
Soldering IronSoldering Iron-JHA
Steam CleanerSteamcleaner-JHA
Table SawTable Saw-JHA
Tire ChangerTire Changer-JHA
Valve (Operating)Valves (Operating)-JHA
Vehicle LiftVehicle Lift
Weedtrimmer, Hand-held, GasWeedtrimmer, Hand-held, Gas

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