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Report Health and Safety Concerns or Near Misses

Imminent Danger

Imminent danger is defined as any conditions or practices in any place of employment such that a danger exists that could reasonably be expected to cause death or serious physical harm immediately or before the imminence of such danger can be eliminated.

If you suspect imminent danger, stop work and report to your supervisor!

For more information, see UTK Procedure: Imminent Danger.

What is a Health and Safety Concern?

A health and safety concern or observation is a set of circumstances or a situation that could become an injury, illness, property damage, or failure to comply with regulations.

It is a situation that we need to remedy before something bad happens.

Example: “I have noticed potholes that may cause a trip hazard.”

What is a Near Miss?

A near miss is a specific occurrence where something bad almost happened.

It is an incident in which no property was damaged and no personal injury was sustained, but damage or injury could have occurred, given a slight shift in time or position.

Example: “I tripped in a pothole but was not injured.” (I could have tripped, fallen, and broken my wrist).

How Can I Report?

If you observe a health and safety concern or near miss, it is important to share it. If the condition is in your workspace, you should report it to your supervisor.

You can also report it directly to EHS via the form below.

Report A Concern or Near Miss Now

If you elect to report something through the Office of Risk Management, Incident Report Form under General Liability Claims, those are routed back to EHS. You do not need to report here also.

You may also contact EHS…

For more information, see UTK Procedure, Reporting Hazards

In accordance with University of Tennessee Policy SA0600 – Reporting Safety and Health Concerns, this form can be used for reporting safety and health concerns as well as potential problems without fear of reprisal. You can remain anonymous if you choose. This system is not continuously monitored. Refer to the EHS On-Call Officer at 865-974-9586 for immediate response. Call 911 for emergencies.

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