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Requirements and Needs

The alphabet soup of health and safety training requirements can be daunting. What training do I need? What training will help me and my colleagues to have a safer work environment? EHS is here to help you achieve your goals for a safe and healthy workplace.

Where can you find out about training requirements? Start with the Safety Training Policy found in the Safety Manual. This document contains a table in Appendix A which summarizes training requirements. EHS is currently working on a document that will hopefully serve as better guide in the near future.

External Training Resources


How can I receive training?

In Person

  • Classroom delivery by EHS. See the Training schedule calendar to register for EHS hosted events. Note that some programs are by request only during the summer or other low volume times.
  • Other sources such as the Facilities Services Training Group (for Facilities Services employees)
  • Video programs that EHS can facilitate, such as forklift safety and van driver safety.

Canvas (online)Canvas Logo

(generally to be used by students, but accessible to anyone with a NetID). Canvas currently supports some topics, but they are mostly limited to laboratory research and alternative vehicles.


To access the EHS Canvas site:

You can also find the EHS canvas site by logging into Canvas From the Menu select Courses, All Courses, then Browse More Courses to find the EHS course.


k@te (online)

k@te LMC logo

(only to be used by regular UT employees; it is not accessible to student employees.)


k@te currently hosts Skillport content that used to be hosted on the old Skillsoft Learning Management system. EHS may be hosting additional training opportunities as this site become available to developers.

Visit the K@TE site by logging in here.


External Sources (online or in-person)


In some cases third party or external sources for training are used. Visit our external training resource page for some options.


On-the-Job Training (OJT)

This can include specific chemical, process, or equipment safety training.




There are ways to accomplish self-study. EHS offers a number of pdf presentations for which you will have to create your own training record.



Some regulations may require a style of delivery or a formal assessment of skills or a test. Some may be provided by EHS and some may be delivered by your supervisor.

How do I keep records?

Training records are currently the responsibility of each department to maintain. EHS offers a number of forms such as on-the-job and self-study forms that may help you in maintaining records. k@te training is automatically recorded in IRIS.

Canvas records should be kept via a download or printout of your grades. Canvas is not a permanent record storage location.

Training Record Forms of various types are available on our Training Forms Page.

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