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Report Slippery Conditions

It may be unseasonably warm this winter, but it’s important to look out for icy or slippery walking surfaces and conditions when they emerge.

Graphic of person walking on sidewalk with slippery conditions. Instructions are to contact Facilities Services at 865-946-7777

Three keys to being safe on walkways

Watch out for icy conditions

  • Beware of ice on surfaces that may easily freeze such as elevated surfaces like bridges or shaded surfaces that see less sunlight.
  • Watch out for icy conditions in parking lots and on sidewalks.

Avoid where possible

  • Avoid walking where snow and ice removal is not feasible.

Report conditions to Facilities Services

Also, please help us to thank our Facilities Services employees who put in extra effort when it comes to inclement weather and keeping our walkways safe!


Check Your Tread

Tires are not the only treads you might need to periodically check. When winter weather strikes, ensure your shoes are up to the task. A graphic with icons of shoes prints. Title: Check your tread. A list of consideration for shoes is displayed. These are present in the blog post text.

  • Avoid high heels and leather soles.
  • consider sturdy shoes or boots with rubber soles and sufficient tread.
  • Non-slip safety shoes may be required if you work in slippery conditions.

Please be safe out there and help reduce your risk of injury from slipping on snow or ice.


Walk Safely on Snow and Ice

It doesn’t always take a snow and ice storm. Lately, we have encountered some snow, but even freezing fog or just sub zero temperatures and some frost can pose slippery conditions. We would like to remind the UTK community to walk safely on snow or ice.

A graphic of a boot on snow with text describing walking safely on snow and ice. text is embedded in the ass

Please remember the following:

  • Take short steps or shuffle your feet for better stability.
  • Walk flat-footed with your center of gravity directly over your feet as much as possible.
  • Keep your hands free and out of your pockets; put those phones away.
  • Use designated walkways as much as possible, but be prepared to walk on grassy edges if necessary.
  • Be prepared to fall. Falls can happen; falling badly can make it worse. If you are falling, attempt to roll your body into the fall by allowing the lower parts of your body make contact first.

Please be safe out there and help reduce your risk of injury from slipping on snow or ice.

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