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Chemical Hygiene Plans


The University of Tennessee, Knoxville chemical hygiene plan (UTK CHP) is designed to attain and maintain compliance with federal, state, and local regulations required for the use, storage, and disposition of hazardous chemicals. The UTK CHP defines a campus-wide approach for protecting employees and the environment from the health and physical hazards associated with chemicals used in instructional laboratories, research laboratories, shops and maker spaces.

The responsibility for ensuring a safe workplace is shared between faculty, staff and students. Environmental Health & Safety (EHS) professionals serve as a resource to assist faculty, staff and students in meeting this responsibility for laboratories and laboratory equivalents, departments, institutes, and research centers.

Getting Started

Your lab’s Chemical Hygiene Plan will be completed in three steps.

  1. Download the Campus Plan
  2. Complete Lab Specific Plan Sections and Forms
  3. Store the CHP in a accessible location

Step 1 – UTK Campus CHP

Download the Campus Plan provided by EHS. This document contains all parts of the plan that you do not have to fill out.

Step 2 – Lab Specific Forms by Topic

Complete the following forms as needed for your lab to complete the Lab Specific Requirements. They include Appendix A and other Appendices.

Note: Most sections will be completed once and some, such as the SOP form, may have several versions for separate procedures.

Step 3 – Store the Completed CHP

Store the combined CHP in an accessible location. EHS requests that you place a copy in your lab’s Documents section in BioRAFT; A paper copy in a binder may be prudent as well.


The full document of the Campus Plan with Appendices is linked below for reference. It does not contain fillable pdf forms and should only be used for reference.

LS-020 Chemical Hygiene Plans

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