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Lab Clean Up Day

Fill out the commitment to participate form to receive a broken glass box and dishwashing gloves! 
Waste rooms in SERF, Mossman, and Strong will be open from noon – 4:00pm.
Ideas for your lab cleanup day:
  • Check/dispose of time sensitive chemicals
  • Reorganize chemicals according to hazard
  • Update chemical inventory on Safety Stratus
  • Clean equipment
  • Clean and organize your bench and common areas to reduce clutter and optimize workflow
  • Check for unlabeled and unneeded items (don’t forget to check inside refrigerators and freezers)
  • Identify equipment that needs to be repaired or sent to surplus (check for equipment like laptops which may have aging batteries)
  • Check the conditions of your electrical cords
  • Ensure that all items entering biohazardous waste with puncture potential (such as pipette tips, inoculating loops, etc.) are placed in primary containment, such as a smaller autoclave bag or a hard-sided container.
Remember to wear appropriate PPE during lab clean up day!
For tips on cleaning for shops and maker spaces, click here!
Don’t forget to submit to the Spring Cleaning Lab Safety Culture Awards!
Email with questions.

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