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Vols Keep an Eye Out for Safety

March is Workplace Eye Wellness Month.

In one year the Unites States workforce had over 18,000 work related eye-injuries that resulted in lost time. This number does not account for some minor injuries or those that may occur with non-employed students.

EHS would like to remind the campus community of the eye hazards that we face and how best to reduce risk.

An infographic that reminds Vols to Keep an eye out for safety. Eye safety is more than a pair of safety glasses. Students in labs, Facilities Services workers, and even those working at home may face a risk. Use the correct controls and PPE to prevent injury from hazards such as chemicals, projectiles, and intense light.

What can you do?

Recognize the Hazards and Minimize the risk

Chemical splashes

Chemical splashes, especially from corrosive chemicals such as strong acids or bases can cause severe eye damage. It doesn’t need to be a big splash from a large volume of corrosives. Even small splashes can have sever consequences.

If you use corrosive chemicals you may require protection with chemical splash goggles.


Dust particles, or other debris can be thrown from grinders, lathes, mills, landscaping equipment or other machines.

Use machines properly, with all guards in place. Only use equipment you are trained to use and follow all danger, warning, and caution tags. Use appropriate impact protection such as safety glasses, impact, goggles, and faceshields.

Light Hazards

Some ultraviolet (UV) lamps and some lasers can pose a risk if they are intense enough.

Most systems are designed to automatically protect workers through shielding and guide tubes.

Consult EHS if assistance is needed.

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