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When Winter Weather and Machines and Equipment

When winter weather strikes, remember to think about the impact on your tools and equipment. Slippery conditions don’t just affect our walking and vehicles.

A graphic with equipment golf car and forklift detailing precautions with winter weather and slippery conditions

We may take our tools and equipment for granted, but winter ice and snow can cause challenges with them as well.

  • Snow, ice, and water can cause slippery conditions at or near entrances to garages, loading docks, or warehouses.
  • It is important to understand if your equipment can be used in wet conditions or not. When in doubt consult your
    • supervisor
    • equipment manuals
    • any Danger, Warning, or Caution tags on your equipment
  • Try to eliminate snow, ice, and puddles where feasible. Your equipment may track into loading docs, warehouses or other areas that are normally dry. Other area occupants can be surprised by a slippery condition suddenly appearing.

Winter weather means vigilance for our walking and working surfaces. Just don’t forget how it may affect equipment.

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