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Holiday Safety

December is a little different this year. Campus is quieter. Gatherings are limited. Nonetheless, the holidays are upon us and there are ways that we can be safer and healthier whether in the workplace or in our homes.

Graphic with a masked person wearing winter clothing. Message reads: Safety begins between the ears. Make safety a part of your holiday. This month EHS would like to remind the campus community to “Make Safety Part of Your Holiday”. We encourage all Vols to practice safe travel, safe decorating, and safe food preparation and storing practices.

Many hazards reveal themselves during the holidays. We grow weary with extra duties and tasks to wrap up the year or prepare for holiday activities. Tiredness alone can affect many aspects of safety. In combination with winter weather, travel can become a challenge. Decorations and decorating can contribute to electrical, fire, or even fall risks. In the kitchen food safety becomes more important when we have an abundance of food and limited places to keep it at safe serving and storing temperatures.

What can you do?

  • Consider downloading and sharing our graphics and messages this month. Graphics can be found in our OneDrive/SharePoint site. These are available to download by any on in the University of Tennessee Community. Some graphics are designed specifically for digital signs.
  • Message are shared through our Facebook page.

Form more safe holiday tips please visit the National Safety Council site for holiday safety.

This month take a moment to ensure that you and those around have a safe and healthy holiday!






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