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Voluntary Use of Respiratory Protection

This applies to all University of Tennessee, Knoxville, campus faculty, staff, and students employed by the university (subject to OSHA requirements) who elect to voluntarily wear a filtering facepiece respirator (KN95) when not required by the Respiratory Protection Standard.

UT has a supply of KN95s available for distribution to campus community members who choose to voluntarily use a filtering facepiece respirator (KN95) for additional protection where respiratory protection is not required by regulatory requirements.

  • Where use is voluntary, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) regulations require employers to provide users with the contents of Appendix D of the Respiratory Protection Standard.
  • Required use of a filtering facepiece respirator or use of an elastomeric half-face or full-face respirator has additional requirements up to full enrollment in a respiratory protection program. For more information visit the EHS Respiratory Protection Program document.
  • Campus community members can request a KN95 through Environmental Health & Safety.
  • Complete the web form on this site and KN95s will be delivered to the on-campus address you designate.
  • Employees who want KN95 masks must submit their own individual request to maintain compliance with safety regulatory requirements. Department requests cannot be processed/fulfilled for KN95s.
  • KN95s are for voluntary use only and shall not be used as a substitute where respiratory protection is required.
  • KN95s are for the requestor’s use only.

Request KN95s for individuals

You will receive multiple KN95s in your order. Batch size may vary by supplier.

You must request masks only for yourself. You will be acknowledging receipt of the Appendix D.

1) Download Appendix D

2) Complete Acknowledgement and Request form

Please allow 2-3 business days for delivery

If for any reason you require a printable acknowledgement form, download the printable Appendix D acknowledgement form here and submit to EHS. Note: This is not a means of requesting KN95 masks.

Proper Use and Wear of KN95 Masks

  1. Wash your hands.
  2. Open the mask with the nose clip at the top. Pull the ear straps loose with both hands.
  3. Put the mask on your face, completely covering your nose and mouth, and loop the straps around your ears.
  4. Press the metal strip on both sides to fit around your nose.
  5. Check to make sure seals are tight. No air should escape from the nose clip or the edges of the mask.

CDC guidelines say masks can be used up to five times. Never share a mask with others.

Fit, filtration performance, contamination and soiling, and damage all affect use limits. Air mask for 24 hours between uses.

If you have further questions, please contact Environmental Health and Safety.



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